Abiding Care is a 5 star Center! The staff is knowledgeable, caring and friendly
They were able to help me with questions in the beginning of my pregnancy when I was still scared and it was all new.
When I first went to Abiding Care I had already given up hope, I didn’t expect anyone to listen to me or to care about what I had to say, because of my age. I remember the first time I sat down with a counselor. She looked at me and asked us what our plans were. This was the first time anyone had asked us what we wanted to do.
There is nothing better in the world than to know there is someone on your side; a group of people behind you every step of the way.
When we went to the center, no one judged us. They didn’t treat us like kids. They talked to us like we were mature adults. Abiding Care had given us hope again.
They are the people I share my life story to and they do not judge-they treat me like family!!
They were here to listen to what I thought about my options, not just to tell me what they think. I can honestly say all the times I have went into the center, they showed me lots of respect.